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AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation by HeleCloud™

How does your architecture stack up to industry best practices?

Are you assured your monthly AWS spend is fully optimised?

Are you confident your AWS platform is fully protected from security threats?

HeleCloud is here to help you optimise your AWS environment in line with AWS best practices, demonstrating to you how to use AWS services and adopt the proven design principles of being Well Architected.  

We understand that building infrastructure on AWS can be a complex process requiring expert knowledge and a set of best practices to get the most out of your architecture. Don't worry. The Well-Architected Review will assess a specific, business-critical workload against the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, uniquely the HeleCloud offering also details and implements a series of remediation tasks, and give you a roadmap for future improvements. We will review the efficiency, security and performance of your workloads thorough the lifecycle of your application and align it with AWS best practices.

The AWS Well-Architected Review 

The Well-Architected framework enables cloud architects create secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications. The Five Pillars of the framework provide guidance for implementing scalable designs that meet the needs of your applications. 

The 5 Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

Operational Excellence

The operational excellence pillar focuses on running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and continually improving processes and procedures. Key topics include managing and automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to successfully manage daily operations.


The security pillar focusses on protecting information & systems. Key topics Include confidentiality and integrity of data, identifying and managing who can do what with privilege management, protecting systems, and establishing controls to detect security events.


The reliability focuses on the ability to prevent and quickly recover from failures to meet business and customer demand. Key topics include foundational elements around setup, cross project requirements recovery planning, and how to handle change.

Performance Efficiency

The performance efficiency pillar focuses on using IT computing efficiently. Key topics include selecting the right resource types and sizes based on workload requirements, monitoring performance, and making informed decisions to maintain efficiency as business needs evolve.

Cost Optimisation

Cost optimisation focuses on avoiding un-needed costs. Key topics include understanding and controlling where money is being spent, selecting the most appropriate and right number of resource types, analysing spend over time and scaling to meet business needs without overspending.

How we do Review and Remediation? 

HeleCloud have defined two Well-Architected Review & Remediation offerings based on the monthly AWS spent of your account(s):


For architectures with monthly spend of $1-5,000, a 3-day of Architecture Deep Dive & Review and 8 days of remediation delivered by a HeleCloud expert remotely.


For architectures with monthly spend of $5,000-20,000, a 7-day Architecture Deep Dive & Review and 20 days of remediation delivered by a HeleCloud expert in a both on-site and remote setup. 

If your spend goes over $20,000, we will tailor a bespoke offering for the review of your architecture.

How it works? 



Prior to the Well-Architected Review, we will spend time to identify scope the discovery (e.g. identify the workloads for review),  and meet key stakeholders, and understand client’s business and context. This prerequisite can take place either in a face to face meeting or over a virtual meeting. 

Timing: 1-2 hours


Data Collection

The Deep Dive, or Discovery, as we call it in HeleCloudData Collection,  is usually an on-site workshop that our expert Solution Architects conduct to collect data of identified workloads. This helps them understand your business, the IT context of it and perform the AWS Well-Architected Review against the Five Well-Architected Pillars.

Timing: 2 days or 5 days 



Upon completion of the Well-Architected Review, HeleCloud team will deliver a detailed report and present the findings to you. The findings will cover 1) current state of your architecture (incl. AWS Well-Architected Review Scorecard)  and 2) recommendations for remediation in the form of an Action Plan.

Timing: 1 or 2 days 



In this phase we will remediate the critical issues found during Discovery, fix issues and deficiencies, as well as make needed optimizations.

Timing: 8 days or 20 days

Improve Your Architecture | Learn AWS Best Practices | Optimise and Prepare to Scale Operations

Get the most out of your AWS investment NOW, with a $5,000 AWS Usage Credits loaded directly into your account against your remediation.

Request an AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation today and we will get back to you shortly.