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As an experienced AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we understand the needs of our customers from technical and business perspectives and help them through highly efficient, secure, compliant, resilient and high-performant solutions on AWS, that they can also operate on their behalf. HeleCloud provide local context and flexibility for our customers to adjust the general-purpose AWS platform to their specific needs and requirements from a technology, security, legal, billing, and other perspectives.


Cloud Security









Cloud Compliance

The AWS Platform is the most secure and compliant habitat for sensitive data and workloads; we leverage the AWS platform to provide these benefits to our customers.


We work with organisations to understand their regulatory, industry, business, and best practices requirements for Cloud. We then architect, design, implement and manage Cloud systems to ensure that such requirements have been met, and maintained throughout their lifetime. Typical compliance requirements in the Cloud include:

  • Regulatory: EU Directive 95/46/EC and GDPR; Personal Data Protection

  • Industry: PCI/DSS, ISO 27001, C5, SOC1/SOC/SOC3, CSA Star, COBIT

  • Business: MiFID 2, Basel III, SoX, FCA Compliance, Bafin Compliance

  • Best Practices: AWS Best Practices, AWS Well-architected, AWS CAF Security Pillar, Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks

Security Audit and Gap Analysis

Once we understand your compliance requirements, we carry out detailed gap analysis against regulatory, industry, business, and best practices requirements to provide point-in-time, real time, and historical posture assessment to aid the purposes of stringent security requirements, as well as internal and external audits of Cloud systems.


We provide detailed remediation recommendations, and normally – automate the implementation process to ensure timely, consistent, and continuous protection of information assets.


Security Engineering

We engineer a wide range of security solutions in the Cloud, including native and conventional firewall solutions, threat management solutions, Security Information & Event Management systems, cryptographic solutions, and HSMs.


You can read more about our Security Engineering competencies here:


Secure CI/CD in the Cloud

We design, implement and manage secure CI/CD solutions in the Cloud by following the principles of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Immutable Infrastructure, and SecDevOps. In a typical secure CI/CD solution, we establish the organisational culture, the processes, as well as the tools to orchestrate all aspects of what is normally a fully encapsulated environment. 

Our customers value our Secure CI/CD solutions for their simplicity, and comprehensiveness. You can find more information here: 


Managed Security and Compliance Services

Our managed security services provide our customers with our knowledge and experience in Cloud security around the clock, 24x7. Our extensive set of proactive and reactive managed security and compliance services ranges all the way from Cloud compliance and real time posture assessment, through Single-Sign on in the Cloud, to Security Information and Event Management, and automated incident response.

Related Case Studies

The case study provides details on the successful migration to the AWS Platform of a complex Financial solution.  AWS VPC, AWS EC2, AWS Autoscaling and AWS Load balancers services were utilised for the implementation of an immutable infrastructure, realised as Infrastructure As Code (IAC) through Terraform.

The delivery of a key component of a Secure and Robust NEX Trade Automation Platform on AWS was made possible with the help of AWS VPC, AWS EC2, AWS Docker, Kubernetes, Cassandra, PostgreSQL and Kafka. It was engineered as Infrastructure As Code (IAC) through Terraform.