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Optimise Your Business

for the Conditions of the Global Pandemic

Over the last few days and weeks, we've seen the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation escalate, affecting people and organisations alike. Many businesses are struggling to cope with this new normal, because their IT systems are not elastic enough to cope with changes in consumption being experienced or because they are not geared to providing remote working in a rapid response manner, or for some even the ability to work remotely is an entirely new concept for their business. Our commitment is to help you overcome such challenges through the use of proven Cloud solutions, in these times of uncertainty, demand fluctuations and volatility.


Our commitment is to help you overcome the difficulties facing your business through this unsettling time. We are offering the following consultation at no charge a series of approaches on how to:

  • enable remote working; 

  • reduce your cloud cost to alleviate any cash problems you could encounter to ensure your business gets through this economic recession;

  • better use your cloud architecture to cope for surges in demand.


Cloud has been and in the current conditions - continues to be - the best platform for organisations of all sizes to run their mission critical applications and manage their data. You can read more here.


We can help you optimise your business for the current market conditions.

Here are four ways we can help you overcome the latest challenges posed by COVID-19.


  • Free discovery, planning and design workshop

  • Free use of AWS Workspaces and AWS Chime for 3 months

  • Free implementation for up to 50 team members

  • Free PoC for up to two types of team members

  • Managed Infrastructure, Managed VDI and Application Streaming Services from HeleCloud included in the package

Enable Remote Working

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Application Streaming and Unified Communications solution for every team member but especially important for highly regulated businesses

On-premises technology needs a lot of hardware and complex maintenance making it a challenge to quickly enable team members to work from home and adds extra hardware and license costs. Quite often, it's not properly sized to meet the extra demand, dictated by the new market conditions.

With Virtual Desktop solutions, team members can use corporate devices, or even their home equipment without compromising the established security and compliance standards: we build air-gapped solutions that enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices.


Remote working solutions immediately enable remote access for your team members with a full set of features and seamless integration with your corporate applications. We help organisations maintain compliance against a range of industry standards, including ISO 27001, most PCI/DSS requirements, and GDPR.


If your remote workers require audio, video and Web conferencing, or if you are moving an entire Contact Centre to home working conditions, we can help.


Benefits and features at a glance:

  • Connect remotely to your corporate network in a secure fashion, whether from corporate laptops or home devices (air-gapped environments for security & compliance), from anywhere

  • Scalable VPN access to corporate environments (optional)

  • Pay for what you use only and hibernate environments during the night and weekends, if required

  • Scale up and down, in and out depending on your business needs

  • Voice, video and Web conferencing capabilities (optional)

  • Contact Centre for home-based agents (optional)

Cloud Experts on Tap

Whether you need an experienced and knowledgeable Cloud engineer or Consultant for a day or for a year, we are here to help.

Having the right skillsets and resources internally in times of change is a common challenge. 

​Through the use of HeleCloud Expert-as-a-Service, we are able to provide the right team to support you initially and through knowledge transfer and training, whilst getting your existing team scaled up and skilled as required. Best of all our experts are all enabled and familiar with remote working.

​By using our team as an extension of yours we can accelerate your projects and provide you with the confidence that you are receiving the support of AWS and development industry experts improving your skills profile and efficiency.

Benefits and features at a glance:  

  • All levels of AWS Competency ready to start with your projects immediately

  • Remote working enabled experts for a fast ramp up 

  • Scale your team to meet demand with a minimum commitment

From enablement to modernisation and security through to operational governance we have every step of your cloud journey covered.


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Our Managed Services are designed to ensure the continuous operation of business-critical applications and systems by fully managing the AWS platform.


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Optimise and prepare to scale operations with AWS Well-Architected Review & Remediation by HeleCloud


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Get in touch to find out how we can improve your resiliency and ensure your business continuity.

Call us at +442081331119 in the UK or +31 (0) 70 240 0021 in Benelux or leave a message and one of our consultants will be in touch shortly.

Provide Extreme Elasticity for your Systems and Applications 

Businesses need to respond to demand on the spot and service both sudden surges in demand, as well as sudden drops. No matter whether you are scaling up to millions of customers or need to scale down to core infrastructure, we can help all the way to your applications and databases.

In these dynamic market conditions, companies need to adjust their operating and business models and improve working capital and cashflow whilst striking the balance of the ever-changing customer demand and delivering on expectations. On-premises infrastructures are expensive, inflexible and unadaptable when extreme changes occur in the business landscape. This may impair organisation's ability to fulfil demand and address the needs of your customers and stakeholders, or equally running a costly infrastructure estate at idle due to a downturn in demand.

Benefits and features at a glance: 

  • Rearchitect applications and systems for Cloud elasticity (optional)

  • Scale in and out as required, multiple times a day if needed to provide the right balance between costs and user experience/performance

  • Gain global coverage of your services by extending to new regions

  • Benefit from migration and re-architecture funding (HeleCloud will provide)

Optimise your Cloud Costs and Preserve Cash

Organisations of all sizes need to optimise costs and maximise the value from the services they are receiving from their Cloud services providers and IT Organisations.

Our Cost Management & Optimisation services enable you to use Cloud in the most cost-efficient fashion and continually optimise your costs while also improving service and data availability, security, compliance and performance. We apply a mix of technical, business and financial tools and discounts that provide the best results for cost sensitive customers.

Benefits and features at a glance: 

  • A thorough review of your AWS spend and analysis of your ongoing costs (free of charge)

  • Allows you to either completely eliminate cost items, or optimise each individual cost item based on TCO best practices

  • Recommendations for improvement: technical, financial, discounts and promotions

  • Implementation of recommendations 

  • Migration funding from HeleCloud (optional)

  • Ongoing Cost Management and Optimisation (optional)