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Why the cloud?

There are strong business drivers to building systems on the hugely popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) public Cloud platform rather than investing in local services or a private cloud. In the words of Werner Vogels, AWS CTO: Friends don’t let friends build datacentres.

Cost benefits

With a traditional infrastructure involving local servers on-site, a business must forecast the capacity they will need over the next few years, and pay for most or all of it up front, tying up finances that could be better spent elsewhere. A significant amount of expensive datacentre space will need to be available for bulky hardware, which may incur building and electrical costs, and backup servers must reside in a different location. There will also be ongoing costs for the lifetime of the solution, including maintenance and night-time emergency cover.


With AWS Cloud services, there are no on-site costs. Capacity is flexible, so does not need to be estimated at the start. Usage costs are on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, so are spread over the lifetime of the solution, allowing businesses to scale safely and cost-effectively at low risk. In addition, AWS customers benefit from economies of scale, as AWS runs on a high volume, low margin basis and can pass significant savings on to their customers.



Surprisingly, some organisations are hesitant to move into the cloud due to security concerns. In objective terms though, these organisations often find that Cloud is more secure than on-premises deployments, and gives them more visibility, auditability and control.


In reality, AWS cloud solutions offer vastly improved security and compliance than on-premises infrastructure, platforms and software.


The reason for this is simple. AWS invests heavily in keeping up to date with the latest security, ensuring that it continues to meet all relevant compliance standards. This is facilitated by constantly innovating and leveraging economies of scale that most businesses operating on-premises solutions cannot match.


When our HeleCloud™ security and compliance experts design an AWS cloud solution for your business, you can be confident that you are doing more to prevent security breaches than if you were using an on-premises solution.

Opportunities for all

With traditional IT solutions, the cost of implementation can be prohibitive for small or newly established organisations. On the flip side, for large organisations, a lack of flexibility could be restrictive as nascent disruptive technologies flood the marketplace.


By offering IT solutions as a utility, Cloud has created opportunities for businesses of all sizes and from all industries.


Disruption is commonplace in the modern business environment. If anyone disrupts your business, it should be you. What’s more, it should be planned and controlled by you.


With HeleCloud™ enabling your transition to Cloud computing, you can lead your organisation through a successful digital transformation to take advantage of exciting opportunities. Whatever your size. Whatever your industry.

HeleCloud™. Your Cloud competency partners.